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Mar 25, 2013 4:00am PDT
of same-sex marriage. on tuesday, california will take up prop 8. on wednesday the federal defense of marriage act will be front and center. gop strategist karl rove signaled this weekend there could be a major shift in his party's outlook. >> can you next imagine the next presidential campaign, the republican candidate saying i'm flat out for gay marriage? >> i could. >> some prominent republicans have slowly been warming to the idea of same-sex marriage. reports this morning say the party is using that evolution as a fund-raising opportunity. >>> american amanda knox who was acquitted of killing her british roommate while studying abroad. but today a very anxious knox will find out if that acquittal stands. the italian supreme court is expected to announce whether the 25-year-old will have her guilty verdict reinstated or if a new trial will be set. >>> two arrests in georgia after a 13-month-old baby was shot to death while sitting in his stroller. 17-year-old de'marquise elkins sign seen here and a 13-year-old boy are charged with first-degree murder. >>> the co-owner of sky di
Mar 21, 2013 4:00am PDT
hot spots. now, these findings came out a 2012 panel of white house advisers including now defense secretary chuck hagel. "the post" saying agencies like the cia are ignoring places like china and the middle east to instead focus on current military operations and drone strikes. authorities say operations have been side-lined dating back more than a decade of conflict. the white house has not commented publicly on the report but recent remarks from top officials suggest they share the panel's concerns. >>> let's go to north korea now. issued a new threat to the united states. that country saying it will waste no time attacking u.s. mill area bases in japan and on the island nation of guam. if provoked. those threats come a day after kim jong-un ran a mock strike. pyongyang has stepped up its rhetoric in recent days. over what it calls hostile, ongoing military drill s betwee south korea and the u.s. although north korea is believed to lack the technology to carry out such an attack washington says it's deploying more anti-missile batteries in alaska to counter a possible threat. >>
Mar 22, 2013 4:00am PDT
of the top spots as the third richest americans. >>> good news for blackberry. the department of defense reports they are ditching blackberry for apple iphones are not true. >>> american airlines is testing boarding procedures to allow passengers without carry-on bags to board ahead of folks in coach with roll-on bags. >>> after the horsemeat scare ikea said their meatballs are headed back to stores. >>> american eagle -- okay -- gets props for the brilliant ad scheme spoking fun at the skinny jean craze by having a spray on can. 200,000 people were fooled into trying to buy that paint on spray online. who would wear e that? >>> if you're in a market for the ultimate man cave check out this atomic bomb shelter for sale in florida. it is 7,000 square feet of solitude for yours truly. i would love it, too. it will cost you about half a mil. i'm not willing to spend that. >>> the march madness bracket busters are next and bruce springsteen sheds sunshine on a fan. >>> thinking about sending your weekend with "the croods"? we'll tell you if it's worth it. >>> now to some other stories that c
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3